Génération Walkman needs you

Today, Génération Walkman, your favorite music app, entirely free and add free, got over 40,000 downloads and almost 2,000 daily listeners, during more than 3 hours…

I don’t have enough words to thank you. I could never have believed in such enthusiasm.

I would love to evolve Génération Walkman, and to suggest to you more features, as such as the possibility for you to choose the kind of music you want to listen to… But, as you may know, the more we grow, the more taxes we pay, SACEM, Urssaf and more…

So here we are. Sincerely, I’m not coming here to cry on your shoulder, it’s not my style. But, your support, no matter how small it is, would really help me, and allow me to offer you more and more quality songs, mixes and remixes still free and add free on Génération Walkman.

Your contribution, with your Bank card, completely secure, is, and will always be completely anonymous. Click here :
and enter the desired amount, as well as Génération walkman in the invoice title, while filling in the boxes correctly. You will get, in return, a proper receipt.

Sergio Defelice
Creator and funder of Génération Walkman.